The simple brain hack to avoid binge eating while you’re on a diet

Ideally we’re able to manage our caloric and food intake in a way that keeps us relatively full and helps us lose weight at the same time.

But even when equipped with a nutritionally optimal diet, from the best doctor on earth, when we are restricting calories we will still get hungry and then we will get cravings!

On his YouTube channel, actor Terry Cruise talks about HALT.
A tool given to him by addiction experts, to help him to overcome his addiction to porn (lulz).

Hungry, Angry, Lonely or tired.

When you are any of those things you’re going to be very low on energy, emotional unstable and hence very low on will power.


It’s in these moments that the logical part of our brain, or called the ‘slow brain’, actually becomes your worst enemy and things can get a little out of hand.

Our fast brain, where our reactions and emotional responses are created. Is constantly making unconscious emotional decisions for us.

Normally your slow brain’s job is to filter these emotional decisions.

“I shouldn’t have another beer”
“I shouldn’t eat that snickers bar”

But when you’re tired….
It’s far easier for our slow brain to create a story that we’re ok with, rather than convince us that we shouldn’t do it….

“I’ll have another beer because Jonno is going away. Jeez I’m a top bloke”

“I’ll eat that snickers bar now…. And I’ll avoid having anything bad over the weekend”

You’re slow brain transitions from the role of arbitrator to story-teller.

Become aware of the stories we tell ourselves

When you’re energy is low, when you’re emotionally tapped out -HALT- and become an observer to your inner narrative.

“When we become mindful of these stories, they lose their power over us. We become an observer to the thought, rather than a passenger.”

If you’ve had binge like behaviour in the past…
That behaviour can be quite an effort to break. Particularly if you feel it’s the thing preventing you from losing weight.

With the right tools we can shape our behaviour any way we desire!

These tools work both ways, both for losing weight and also gaining healthy weight. Because wellness isn’t about being skinny, it’s about finding what works best for you to be healthy and amazing!

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