The 6 unavoidable stages of weight loss

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You’re about to go out but you just — can’t — get — into — your — favourite pants…
That’s upsetting 🙁


You take to the internet in search of answers.

You find lots and lots of content…
Lot’s of very contradictory content.

You ask a few people…

You may read and hear some pretty ‘creative’ advice.

But at the end of day, whether you chose to follow the potato diet  or a vegan diet. You realise that at the minimum, you’re going to need to confront, address and change some of your behaviours.

Belief shift

Before you considered yourself to be; quite healthy, quite self-aware, in not too bad shape…

Now, something has happened… You’re pants no longer fit.

You COULD just ignore it… Tell yourself a convenient story about the situation.

I’m just getting older
I must be getting bigger legs from indoor cricket
I’ll diet next month, after the work party

Hopefully, the research combined with the incident. Has given you enough evidence to shift your beliefs about the problem.

If the new belief is helpful, if it naturally leads you to take positive action, that is a great outcome.

“Clearly I am the problem here, my behaviour has caused me to put on weight and I CAN do something about it.”


“I eat the same as my friend and he’s not overweight so I must have a disease”.

Behaviour change

As we said above, before we can make any behaviour change, we must change our beliefs and to change our beliefs we must see and accept that we are flawed.

Day 1 – You’ve made a change to your behaviour. You’ve started swapping out your chips at lunch for the salad.
Well done!


Day 4 – You got the salad… But it was someone’s birthday at the office and you ate two pieces of cake.
Later that night you go out for a few beers and end up with a kebab.

It happens!!!!!!

But according to the data A LOT of people stop here…

Which is really sad 🙁

The Loop

Belief shift → Behaviour change → Regression → Belief shift
→ Behaviour change → Regression →

Failure is a necessary and unavoidable stage of any journey.
After failure, you’re success now rests on your ability to push forward and the thing you will fall back on at this time of crisis and reflection is your beliefs.

Will you tell yourself a story about why it’s ok to quit?
Or will you accept that you’re flawed and try even harder?

One perspective leads to the outcome you want…
One perspective leads to the outcome you don’t want…

Perspective is the only FACTOR here…
Not your mates, not your work hours, not your dog.

It is the shifting & strengthening of our beliefs that ultimately determine our behaviour.


You have the opportunity to cultivate beliefs that will drive you towards your goal!

“I will keep eating this way and I’ll feel SO much better everyday. I’ll be able to work harder, longer and more effectively than anyone else and I’ll keep working on the skills I need to become a partner. I’ll work weekends and get up at 4am if I have too and I’ll love it. And upper management will notice my value in the company”.

What are the beliefs you have that are holding you back?

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