The 5 best foods for weight loss you need to take to the office


Here’s my criteria for picking the best foods to take into the office

1 — Doesn’t smell

2 — Doesn’t leak and/or easy to transport

3 — Easy to prep

4 — The most nutrient dense foods

Meat / protein

Every single time you eat, it should include some protein.
This is so our meals are balanced and it just so happens that our bodies work best when our meals are balanced.

The best meats to eat are lean meats like kangaroo and chicken.
Although it’s often easiest to get deli meats like ham which can be ok.


Chickpeas are delicious, amazing and easy to carry.
They have a nutty flavour and fill you up quickly.

I just wash them and eat them, but you can mix them with anything!


You don’t make friends with salad.
So screw salad……Eat vegetables!

Take ’em whole, cut ’em up, roast them…. What ever man!
Potato, pumpkin, onion, cucumber, tomato, beetroot and more…Go nuts!

Think eating vegetables is weird?
You probably need to take a moment to reflect why you’re reading this article then…

Green apples

Apple skins have an amazing chemical called polyphenols, which seem to play a significantly positive role in weight loss and preventing diabetes.

There’s also plenty of anecdotal evidence that they make you feel really good 🙂

To avoid that huge energy drop, drowsy feeling after eating, eat a green apple at the end of the meal!
Aristotle said so.. It must be true.


Any type of nuts (not peanuts) are fair game…. My only issue with them is they taste so great!

So be careful not to eat too many.

Wrap up

There’s certain foods we know will make us feel better and certain foods that we know are going to make us feel worse.

Quite often, it’s the foods that make us feel worse, that are addictive and also cause us to gain weight.

So yes we COULD eat any foods we wanted to and still lose weight.

The problem is these addictive foods are very tasty, they cause inflammation and they call at us from the freezer.

So we know exactly what we have to do…
But breaking this addiction, habit, behaviour cycle can be tricky

I’ve found in 8 years of coaching, the difference between those that DO breakthrough and lose weight long-term — vs those that do not…
Is the kinds of beliefs that they harbour.

It is our beliefs that ultimately control our behaviour… And it’s our behaviours that cause us to gain or lose weight.

‘I’m bad at tennis’

‘I don’t have very good willpower’

These are the stories we tell ourselves that prevent us from following through and taking action!

So the first step, in order to make the life long behaviour changes that will lead to being healthy, lean, high in energy and clarity. Is to cultivate incredibly strong beliefs that align with the kinds of behaviour that you want to have.

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