4 overlooked reasons to spend time on your wellbeing

Aside from maintaining the only body you will ever have….. What other reasons are there to spend time on your health?

If you don’t value yourself, no one else will value you either.

If you’re sick and unwell you are under-valuing yourself as a person.

If people see that you don’t even care about yourself, they will assume (rightly or wrongly) that you will not care about what is important to them.

If you put the time and energy into working on yourself, other people will be more likely to put their time into you.

.   .   .

You learn what motivates you and you’re able to deploy energy quickly and precisely.

Have you had a task that you were so passionate about that you stuck at it for days, weeks, months or even years?

Wellness isn’t just about fitness of the body…

Wellness is making the most of the time you have, with the tools given to you, to get what you desire

Getting into shape is just one aspect of making the most out of your time. We get healthy because we can draw a straight line between our health and ability to function at a high level.

But what we find is that outside a small subset of experience, even when armed with the best knowledge, most people fail at the fringes of implementation. Upon reflection we often associate this with a lack of either will power or a lack of motivation.

What we do know is people who learn how to breakthrough this barrier, become incredibly successful… Continually developing their ability to pre-emptively negotiate the mental roadblocks that lead to inaction, further accelerating their growth.

Most people will attempt an activity and upon struggling with it, create a reason why they had done so.

I proclaim it is the order of the mental process that leads to action or inaction.

It is by order of first uncovering, then discarding subversive beliefs and cultivating powerful self belief that we uncover the secrets to motivation, passion, resilience and discipline that allow us to achieve incredible results.

This process will allow you motivate yourself, create urgency and apply it to any task.

.   .   .

You’re able to make long term changes to your behaviour.

Don’t you hate how you’re ‘no good at giving presentations’ ?
Don’t you wish you could just be ‘more confident with the opposite sex’ ?

You’ll be self aware enough to know where you need improvement, able to pick out the behaviours that will give you the greatest RIO towards your goals and cultivate incredibly strong beliefs, so powerful that there is no option to fail.

Once you’re able to conjure up this kind of will to improve.
You are the true master of your future.

.   .   .

You’re able to influence yourself and others more effectively.

Once you’re a master of your will, you will understand how other people make decisions and what motivates them.

Through the challenges of discovering and overcoming your own mental roadblocks, you’ll learn techniques for overcoming these beliefs in other people as well.

.   .   .

Wrap up.

We have a set of ‘natural tools’ we can use to grow and expand our experience of the world as far as we choose.

Things like exercise, mindfulness, whole-foods, empathy, gratitude… Work in harmony with nature, providing us with the truest principle elements of fulfilling experience, the things we’ve found money and objects do not give us.

We use these tools so we can then extract the most richness, beauty and satisfaction from every experience.

I use these tools and others, to help people lose weight.

I work with guys to overcome the mental barriers preventing action.

I don’t believe that losing weight and being healthy is the key to happiness. Weight loss becomes a by-product of becoming a master craftsman of your will. Such that the pursuit of these ends will put you in the drivers seat of your life, so you may navigate towards the things that make you happy.

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